How to Sell (OK — not really — it’s a true story) 1

There was this insurance broker who invited local business people to a presentation, trying to sell them pension plans.

Afterwards there was a buffet when the broker and his assistant tried to carry on selling. There were the usual things to eat, including cocktail sausages on sticks, and sausage rolls. So he starts telling me about this ex-girlfriend of his, who worked for a firm that made sausages, and she would never eat them because of the disgusting bits made into sausages.

What?… He was the host, telling his guests that the food that he was offering them was disgusting, while they are eating it! I didn’t buy a pension plan from him. Perhaps he wasn’t a really good salesman!

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  1. Reply Big Bad Aug 8, 2013 9:56 am

    Yeah… No wonder some people think that, “Hide the wiener,” is a disgusting game!

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