A drink for steady hands!

Irish Flag

What drink is that? The Irish Flag, of course! The flag of Ireland, green, white, and orange, is very symbolic. Green represents the largely catholic south. Orange is for the protestant Orangemen in the north. The white band in the middle is the symbol of hope for lasting peace and fellowship between the two communities.

The lower green band in the drink is Creme de Menthe. The white band is Baileys. The orange band at the top can be made from different drinks. My friend Fran would like Irish Mist, a whiskey liqueur, but not everybody likes its herbal taste. Brandy is often used, although it gives more an amber colour than an orange. Triple Sec (Cointreau, Grand Marnier, or CuraƧao) is a favourite. It is, after all, made from orange peel.

The drink is so beautiful that I just had to make it (even though I am only Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day!) But the barman who makes the drink has to stay sober…

It requires a very steady hand to keep the layers intact! :D

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