A drink for steady hands!

A drink for steady hands!
What drink is that? The Irish Flag, of course! The flag of Ireland, green, white, and orange, is very symbolic. Green represents the largely catholic south. Orange is for the protestant Orangemen in the north. The white band in the middle is the symbol of hope for lasting peace and fellowship between the two communities. ...

It’s the same the whole world over… Except for God’s punishment!

After trying to cook a few foreign recipes, you realize that food is the same the whole world over. Beef Stew with Dumplings. Beef stewed with English vegetables and herbs. Plus carbs. Spaghetti Bolognese. Beef stewed with Italian vegetables and herbs. Plus carbs. Beef Madras with Rice. Beef stewed with Indian vegetables and spices. Plus carbs. Apart ...

What goes into a Haggis? The truth at last!

Have you ever wondered what goes into a haggis? Well, the chap who invented it called it a “haggis” because he didn’t want his customers to know what went inside it. He didn’t think that the world was yet ready for the “Oven-Ready Hedgehog”!

How to Sell (OK — not really — it’s a true story) 1

There was this insurance broker who invited local business people to a presentation, trying to sell them pension plans. Afterwards there was a buffet when the broker and his assistant tried to carry on selling. There were the usual things to eat, including cocktail sausages on sticks, and sausage rolls. So he starts telling me ...

Third time is a charm! 1

If this cross-posts properly, then we are “sold” on JetPack as a WordPress plugin!

Another test of Social Media auto-posting

We are now trying out JetPack to see if this post goes to Twitter and/or FaceCrook.

Trying some social plugins

We are experimenting with the “Post to Facebook” and “Tweet Posts” plugins.